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589589images/videos/589.jpgGonna Rain (Part A & B)AMV Profile LinkRurouni Kenshin Soundtrack "It's Gonna Rain"Rurouni Kenshin (TV)Anneke4/1/2000YouTube LinkOther Link4:52
587587images/videos/587.jpgHiko's SongAMV Profile LinkRight Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy"Rurouni Kenshin (TV)Anneke10/1/2000YouTube LinkOther Link2:56
588588images/videos/588.jpgTomoe's HeartAMV Profile LinkCeline Dion "My Heart Will Go On" (Titanic Theme)Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke10/1/2000YouTube LinkOther Link5:12
586586images/videos/586.jpgWho's That GirlAMV Profile LinkEurthymics "Who's That Girl"Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (Adolescence Of Utena)Anneke4/5/2001YouTube LinkOther Link3:48
591591images/videos/591.jpgKetsuruiAMV Profile LinkThe Crow Soundtrack "It Can't Rain All The Time"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke5/6/2001YouTube LinkOther Link5:35
590590images/videos/590.jpgSailor Moon Horror!AMV Profile LinkCrackRocky Horror Picture Show (Medley)Sailor MoonAnneke5/6/2001YouTube LinkOther Link7:12
15421542images/videos/1542.jpgBig ThingAMV Profile LinkDuran Duran "Big Thing"Weiss Kreuz, Knight Hunters (TV)Anneke9/1/2001YouTube LinkOther Link4:03
23452345images/videos/2345.jpgKetsurui (Blood Tears) V.3AMV Profile LinkDramaThe Crow Soundtrack "It Can't Rain All The Time"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke10/1/2001YouTube LinkOther Link5:35
49894989images/videos/4989.jpgKagome in WonderlandAMV Profile LinkCrackJefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"Inu Yasha (TV)Anneke2/15/2002YouTube LinkOther Link2:58
50245024images/videos/5024.jpgDecember, 1864AMV Profile LinkLinkin Park "My December"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke4/26/2002YouTube LinkOther Link4:41
75827582images/videos/7582.jpgSuichi's QuestionAMV Profile LinkComedyDanny Elfman "What's This? - Nightmare Before Christmas"VariousAnneke6/19/2002YouTube LinkOther Link3:04
89328932images/videos/8932.jpgFor KaoruAMV Profile LinkRomanceMercedes Lackey "For Talia"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 2nd OVA (Seisouhen, Reflection)Anneke6/30/2002YouTube LinkOther Link3:08
85168516images/videos/8516.jpgDream OnAMV Profile LinkDepeche Mode "Dream On"Sol BiancaAnneke7/5/2002YouTube LinkOther Link4:20
1172311723images/videos/11723.jpgDance With MeAMV Profile LinkDanceBrain Bug "The Art of Love"Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (Adolescence Of Utena)Anneke10/17/2002YouTube LinkOther Link4:47
54215421images/videos/5421.jpgAdore Me!AMV Profile LinkYaoiThe Stone Roses "I Wanna Be Adored"Ai no KusabiAnneke10/18/2002
1039510395images/videos/10395.jpgCorporate Sex SlaveAMV Profile LinkYaoiSnog "Corporate Slave"Boku No Sexual HarasementAnneke10/19/200217
6430364303images/videos/64303.jpgCSSE (Corporate Sex Slave Edited)AMV Profile LinkCrackSnog "Corporate Slave"Boku No Sexual HarasementAnneke12/1/2002YouTube LinkOther Link5:15
1113011130HeterosexualityAMV Profile LinkHentaiArmy of Lovers "Heterosexuality"MasqueradeAnneke12/1/200219
1697816978images/videos/16978.jpgSounds of BatsAMV Profile LinkThe Cure "Burn"pire Hunter D: BloodlustAnneke4/30/2003YouTube LinkOther Link6:38
1871918719images/videos/18719.jpgCounting for LunaticsAMV Profile LinkCrackDDR 4th Mix, Ni-Ni "1-2-3-4-007"Gundam Wing Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzAnneke6/12/2003YouTube LinkOther Link1:29
1935219352images/videos/19352.jpgMuraki's LossAMV Profile LinkDavid Bowie "Within You"Descendants of DarknessAnneke6/25/2003YouTube LinkOther Link1:31
3718837188images/videos/37188.jpgHer MajestyAMV Profile LinkBeatles, The "Her Majesty"Rose of Versailles, TheAnneke4/22/2004YouTube LinkOther Link0:26
3799637996images/videos/37996.jpgI Hope You DanceAMV Profile LinkDramaLee Ann Womack "I Hope You Dance"Rose of Versailles, TheAnneke5/3/2004YouTube LinkOther Link4:19
3799537995images/videos/37995.jpgI'm Not Left HandedAMV Profile LinkPrincess Bride, The (Soundtrack) Track 7." Swordfight"Rose of Versailles, TheAnneke5/3/2004YouTube LinkOther Link2:48
3799437994images/videos/37994.jpgNobilityAMV Profile LinkPrincess Bride, The (Soundtrack) Track 6. "Cliffs of Insanity"Rose of Versailles, TheAnneke5/3/2004YouTube LinkOther Link3:19
4390343903images/videos/43903.jpgSibling RivalryAMV Profile LinkDoRight Productions Duel Duet (The Dueling Banjos Mix)TrigunAnneke7/19/2004YouTube LinkOther Link2:50
4704847048images/videos/47048.jpgAmadeusAMV Profile LinkCrackFALCO "Rock Me Amadeus"Amadeus (Movie) *Live Action GravitationAnneke8/21/2004YouTube LinkOther Link4:01
4898548985images/videos/48985.jpgChoicesAMV Profile LinkDramaMercedes Lackey "Choices"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal) Trigun Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust X 1999 (Movie)Anneke9/15/2004YouTube LinkOther Link4:26
5963059630images/videos/59630.jpgUtenaAMV Profile LinkAmber "Sexual"Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (Adolescence Of Utena)Anneke1/16/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
6315863158images/videos/63158.jpgThe PromiseAMV Profile LinkDramaPlacebo "My Sweet Prince"Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)Anneke2/21/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
7914979149images/videos/79149.jpgNo WordsAMV Profile LinkRomanceChicane "No Ordinary Morning"GravitationAnneke6/19/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
7915079150images/videos/79150.jpgGirl like youAMV Profile LinkYaoiBertine Zetlitz "Girl Like You"Ai no KusabiAnneke7/5/2005
8409784097images/videos/84097.jpgI Use To Love HerAMV Profile LinkGun's and Roses "I Use To Love Her"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke8/6/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
8409684096images/videos/84096.jpgWilly Wonka's PetshopAMV Profile LinkCrackCharlie And The Chocolate Factory (Trailer Audio)Pet Shop Of HorrorsAnneke8/6/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
102165102165images/videos/102165.jpgWaiting For Tomorrows...all my lifeAMV Profile LinkRasmus "in the shadows"Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo)Anneke1/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
110944110944If Your Not The OneAMV Profile LinkRomanceDaniel Beddingfield "If You're Not The One"Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo)Anneke3/17/2006
108257108257Mr. AlucardAMV Profile LinkCrackStyx "Mr.Roboto"HellsingAnneke5/26/2006
126014126014images/videos/126014.jpgSword of the FatherAMV Profile LinkLight ActionDeep Forest & Enya "Sweet lullaby"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 2nd OVA (Seisouhen, Reflection)Anneke8/15/2006YouTube LinkOther Link3:52
127876127876images/videos/127876.jpgToo Loud!AMV Profile LinkComedyFreberg, Stan "Banana Boat (Day-Oh!)"TrigunAnneke9/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
121161121161images/videos/121161.jpgStorybook LoveAMV Profile LinkPrincess Bride, The (Soundtrack) "Track 12. Storybook Love"EarthianAnneke10/21/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
129141129141images/videos/129141.jpgObey the Fist!AMV Profile LinkCrackInvader Zim "Obey the Fist" (Remix)Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustAnneke10/31/2006YouTube LinkOther Link3:42
133472133472images/videos/133472.jpgAnthy's DeathAMV Profile LinkDramaSarah McLachlan "Dirty Little Secret"Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)Anneke11/22/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
137427137427images/videos/137427.jpgMeeting TomaeAMV Profile LinkDramaAnastasia - At the Beginning "At the Beginning"Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)Anneke1/31/2007YouTube LinkOther Link3:43
78407840A New Day Will ComeAMV Profile LinkCeline Dion "A New Day Has Come"Christmas In JanuaryFungie 1/25/1/2002
83098309images/videos/8309.jpgUtena In A Cocoon Of LoveAMV Profile LinkBjork "Cocoon"Revolutionary Girl Utena (Sega Saturn)Fungie 1/25/26/2002
78387838Oh Glorious Memolu!AMV Profile LinkMegumi Hayashibara "Gloria"Memolu In The Pointed HatFungie 1/27/19/2002
78417841A Boy's Love [Version 3]AMV Profile LinkGigi D'Agostino "I'll Fly With You"Song of Wind and Trees, TheFungie 1/210/19/2002
86878687images/videos/8687.jpgGravityAMV Profile LinkEnigma "Gravity of Love"Gravitation OAVFungie 1/210/19/2002
1395213952images/videos/13952.jpgCome SeptemberAMV Profile LinkNatalie Imbruglia "Come September"Gestalt Metropolis (Rintaro) Spring & ChaosFungie 1/211/8/2002
1451914519Tidal: AnnaAMV Profile LinkSense of Serenity Soundtrack: Ocean Waves "Cool Mist"Battle Athletes VictoryFungie 1/22/14/2003
1943519435AniMix Project - part 1AMV Profile LinkGroup ProjectAnneke7/1/2003
1639816398AniMix Track 4: The Only Way Is UpAMV Profile LinkGroup ProjectYazz "The Only Way Is Up"Puni Puni PoemyFungie 1/27/1/2003
2168221682The Dance of Love and RosesAMV Profile LinkInva Mulla Tchako "The Diva Dance"Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (Adolescence Of Utena)Fungie 1/28/8/2003
2387823878Mikako's HopeAMV Profile LinkEnya "Hope Has A Place"Voices of a Distant Star (Hoshi No Koe)Fungie 1/29/26/2003
6841368413AniMix - Full projectAMV Profile LinkGroup ProjectFungie 1/24/24/2004
3836838368I Want You To StayAMV Profile LinkSarah Slean "My Invitation"Maria-sama ga Miteru (The Virgin Mary is Watching)Fungie 1/26/18/2004
5598655986Faces of Dr. MurakiAMV Profile LinkSarah McLachlan "Building a Mystery"Descendants of DarknessMie'aga10/29/2004YouTube LinkOther Link
7313073130Blood Never LiesAMV Profile LinkAce of Base "Living in Danger"Blood: The Last VampireMie'aga5/1/2005
8861688616For PlayAMV Profile LinkO Zone "Dragostea Din Tei"VariousMie'aga10/30/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
127914127914FearAMV Profile LinkSarah McLachlan "Fear"Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)Mie'aga10/6/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
134245134245Natural SelectionAMV Profile LinkWhite Stripes "Seven Nation Army"Saiyuki: Requiem (movie)Mie'aga10/21/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
134054134054TimelessAMV Profile LinkOzzy Osbourne "I Just Want You"LovelessMie'aga10/22/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
8712787127YAOI!AMV Profile LinkYaoiNine Inch Nails "Closer"VariousMie'aga10/31/2006YouTube LinkOther Link
BDP01BDP01Do You Wanna Dance?If You Wanna Dance' by Nobody's AngelStar Wars Galaxies (MMORPG - Naritus Server)Anneke8/1/2004
BDP02BDP02images/videos/BDP02.jpgPorta Party 1 - Goodbye Gaviin StarblastDancing Barefoot' by U2Star Wars Galaxies (MMORPG - Naritus Server)Anneke8/1/2005YouTube LinkOther Link
BDP04BDP04images/videos/BDP04.jpgTwo Straight LinesIn Two Striaght Lines' by Carly SimonHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireAnneke1/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link3:33
BDP05BDP05images/videos/BDP05.jpgTangled in the Scar's EmbraceFear' by Sarah McLachlanHarry Potter MoviesAnneke2/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link3:59
BDP06BDP06images/videos/BDP06.jpgYou Don't See MeAMV Profile LinkYou Don't See Me' by Pussycat DollsHarry Potter MoviesAnneke3/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link3:43
BDP03BDP03images/videos/BDP03.jpgDo You BelieveCaribbean Blue' by EnyaThe Last UnicornMie'aga1/1/2006YouTube LinkOther Link4:12
7070Fate of a Name"Love Like Winter" by AFILovelessMie'aga1/23/2007YouTube LinkOther Link
7171DAREDare by GorillazAnime used: Kaku Ren Bo (Hide and Seek)Mie'aga4/7/2007YouTube LinkOther Link
143386143386images/videos/143386.jpgHistory of AnimeAMV Profile LinkHeut' Ist Mein Tag by Blumchen344 Animes in year orderAnneke4/26/2007YouTube LinkOther Link3:33
150227150227images/videos/150227.jpgCome OnAMV Profile LinkJimmy Somerville's Come OnBoku No Sexual HarassmentAnneke9/13/20073:49
150229150229images/videos/150229.jpgBrokenAMV Profile LinkJimmy Somerville's Selfish DaysGankutsuouAnneke9/13/2007YouTube LinkOther Link2:30
BDP08BDP08images/videos/BDP08.jpgHarry Potter 7 TributeJimmy Somerville's It Still HurtsHarry Potter Movies 1-4Anneke8/13/2007YouTube LinkOther Link3:34
7676My Love"Let My Love Open the Door" by Pete TownsendHowl's Moving CastleMie'aga1/1/2008
7777Jump!"Jump Around" by House of PainOuran Host ClubMie'aga1/1/2008
151215151215images/videos/151215.jpgAmnesiaAMV Profile Link"Amnesia" by Jimmy SomervilleRevolutionary Girl Utena: The MovieAnneke10/7/2007YouTube LinkOther Link3:56
157714157714images/videos/157714.jpgHurtAMV Profile Link"Hurt" by Nine Inch NailsGankusuouAnneke4/10/2008YouTube LinkOther Link4:48
BDP07BDP07images/videos/BDP07.jpgThe GraveyardHarry Potter Goblet of Fire MovieHarry Potter Goblet of Fire Movie, and Anneke's Dolls photo-ed by DirtyD.Anneke7/16/2008YouTube LinkOther Link3:08
161905161905images/videos/161905.jpgSecret Lives of Pretty BoysAMV Profile LinkGet Ready 2 Rokk by FreezepopCathexis (OVA) Embracing Love Fish in the Trap Fujimi Orchestra GravitationAnneke8/7/2008
161770161770images/videos/161770.jpgBad BoyAMV Profile Link"They Say I'm A Bad Boy" by Draco and the MalfoysEnzaiAnneke8/12/2008
161906161906images/videos/161906.jpgYaoi DrugAMV Profile LinkDrug' by Duran DuranBoku No Sexual Harasement Cathexis (OVA) Embracing Love Enzai OAV Fish in the Trap Fujimi Orchestra Gravitation Legend of the Blue Wolves (Legend of the Four Horsemen) Samurai FantasyAnneke8/26/2008
8484Desire"Through Glass' by Stone SourSensitive PornographyMie'aga4/1/2008
8585Blood to a beatAfro SamuriMie'aga8/1/2008
162559162559Your Not AloneAMV Profile LinkYou're Not Alone by OliveHaibane Renmei (Charcoal Feathers Federation)Anneke9/1/2008
167440167440images/videos/167440.jpgBurning Down ShangrilaWe are Shangri-la' by Skinny White ChickAi No KusabiAnneke3/17/2009
167441167441images/videos/167441.jpgOne Winged DoveEdge of Seventeen by Fleetwood MacGinban KaleidoscopeAnneke2/28/2009YouTube LinkOther Link5:24
171208171208images/videos/171208.jpgLife FantasticAMV Profile LinkLife is Fantastic' by Army of LoversBakuretsu HuntersAnneke6/1/2009YouTube LinkOther Link3:58
178184178184images/videos/178184.jpgBaka Deshi Production's Ode to Cross-Dessers88 Lines about 44 WomenVariousAnneke9/1/2009YouTube LinkOther Link4:56
173185173185images/videos/173185.jpgI...3000 Feet'CockpitAnneke10/10/2009YouTube LinkOther Link3:15
9292Kissed a BoyMie'aga1/1/2010
180952180952images/videos/180952.jpgHaloIsraelism' by Army of LoversHaibane RenmeiAnneke4/4/2009YouTube LinkOther Link2:35
180955180955images/videos/180955.jpgBarbieBarbie' by AquaAi No KusabiAnneke5/1/2010
180956180956images/videos/180956.jpgHave Not To HoldTo Have not to hold' by MadonnaJunjou RomanticaAnneke9/2/2010
BDP09BDP09images/videos/BDP09.jpgPsycological MagicPsycological' by Petshop BoysHP 1-6Anneke11/1/2010YouTube LinkOther Link4:11
BDP10BDP10images/videos/BDP10.jpgSexual MagicGet Your Sexy On' by Justin TemberlakeHP 1-6Anneke12/24/2010YouTube LinkOther Link
BDP11BDP11images/videos/BDP11.jpg44 Witches88 Lines' byHP 1-6Anneke2/13/2011YouTube LinkOther Link4:51
BDP12BDP12images/videos/BDP12.jpgWTF!WTF' by Mark ZinkleyHP 1-8 & fan artAnneke9/1/2014
180954180954For Our QueenAMV Profile LinkTorch' by MonozelleAi No KusabiAnneke7/1/2014
180953180953Honest MistakeAn Honest Mistake by BraveryAntique BakeryAnneke8/1/2014YouTube LinkOther Link
BDP17BDP17images/videos/BDP17.jpgYour Not AloneHP 1-8Anneke8/1/2013YouTube LinkOther Link4:32
BDP13BDP13images/videos/BDP13.jpgAshes & CrowsHappy Man' by CovenantHP 1-7Anneke10/1/2013YouTube LinkOther Link2:50
BDP14BDP14images/videos/BDP14.jpgDraco's JelousyJelousy by UmaHP 1-7Anneke9/1/2013YouTube LinkOther Link3:35
BDP15BDP15images/videos/BDP15.jpgFucking YouFucking You' by Enrique IglesiasHP 1-8Anneke6/1/2012YouTube LinkOther Link
BDP16BDP16images/videos/BDP16.jpgBubblegum WrappersBubblegum Wrappers' by House of BlackBJD puppetry by AnnekeAnneke7/1/2012YouTube LinkOther Link3:24
178185178185At The BeginingAnastasia Soundtrack 'At The Beginning'Kenshin OAVsAnneke4/4/2009
196625196625images/videos/196625.jpgAlbert's SongSally's Song' by Fiona AppleGankutsuouAnneke9/6/2011YouTube LinkOther Link3:17
196626196626images/videos/196626.jpgSnow FallNobody Lives Without Love' by Eddie ReaderHana Yori DangoAnneke1/23/2011YouTube LinkOther Link5:14
196706196706images/videos/196706.jpgAve MariaAve Marie from 28 Days Later SoundtrackTrinity BloodAnneke5/1/2012YouTube LinkOther Link2:21
198714198714A FriendPure Morning by PlaceboAi no KusabiAnneke9/4/2012
198710198710images/videos/198710.jpgJelousyAMV Profile LinkJelousy by UmaGankutsuoAnneke12/8/2011YouTube LinkOther Link3:26
BDP18BDP18images/videos/BDP18.jpgThe Greater Good"A Greater Good" by NeuroticfishHarry Potter 1-8Anneke1/16/2015YouTube LinkOther Link4:04
BDP20BDP20images/videos/BDP20.jpgMasks & IllusionsIllusion by VNV NationPhantom of the Opera Mini-seriesAnneke6/1/2015YouTube LinkOther Link4:04
198715198715All You Want"All You Want" by DidoBoku No Sexual HarassmentAnneke7/1/2015
BDP19BDP19images/videos/BDP19.jpgThe Tree"The Hanging Tree" from the Mockingjay SoundtrackHarry Potter 1-8Anneke1/20/2015YouTube LinkOther Link3:55
BDP21BDP21images/videos/BDP21.jpgTwo SunsLadder Song by LordeStar Wars Movies 4-6Anneke1/2/2016YouTube LinkOther Link3:12
200248200248images/videos/200248.jpgOnce Upon A DreamOnce Upon A Dream - (by Lana Del Rey) Maleficent SoundtrackGankutsuoAnneke12/1/2015YouTube LinkOther Link3:15
BDP22BDP22Deal with GodsRunning up that hill by PlaceboVassalordAnneke5/20/20163:15